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Secretary: Ms. Anat Revivo
Office Hours: Sun.-Thur. 10:30-13:00, Room 4608
Phone: +972-2-588-83872

Head of the Department: Prof. Hagar Salamon

B.A. Advisor: Dr. Dani Schrire

M.A. Advisor: Prof. Hagar Salamon



The Folklore Research Center at the Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies residing today in the Mandel Building on Mt Scopus, continues to serve as a central research laboratory for the teachers, graduate and doctoral student of the Graduate Program for Folklore and Folk Culture and hosts every year visiting research fellows and students from Israel and other countries, who both enrich the local scholars and benefit from the academic and research staff and the special collections of the center: The Joseph and Margit Hoffman Judaica Postcard Collection; The Israeli Proverb Research Project; The Documentation Project of Jewish Papercuts; the Wandering Jew Archive of Yom Tov Lewinsky; the Ya'akov Zidkoni Collection Jewish Humor in Mandatory Palestine and Israel; the research library of Raphael Patai and parts of the research library of Dov Noy.

Folklore scholarship, both teaching and research, is often carried out in inter-disciplinary contexts and networks, interfacing with literature, art, Jewish thought and anthropology, and more and more also with history, philosophy and communication studies. The full-fledged Graduate Program in Folklore and Folk Culture granting MA and PhD degrees, chaired by Professor Hagar Salamon, is nowadays part of the Institute of the Arts at the Faculty of the Humanities, emphasizing aspects common to folklore, the visual arts, musicology and theater, especially performance and ethnography. From the academic year of 2016-17 an undergraduate minor program in Folklore and Folk Culture, chaired by Dr. Dani Schrire, will be open to students complementing majors in other fields.